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Fimigas: a choice and a commitment that continue

FIMIGAS is founded in 1966 as producer of measuring instruments for liquid and gas fluids. In truth its founding members operated in the field of instrument devices since the end of the 40’s: on 1st October 1947 the company “Ing. Biondi & Terenghi” is already active for “construction of devices for thermal control”. At the beginning of the 50’s the Biondi & Terenghi build the first methane gas meters for industries in the Po Valley using the new gaseous fuel. This activity, further more specialized, is kept during various company transformations that brought to the constitution of FIMIGAS.

In the mid 60’s the newborn FIMIGAS find itself to face the demands of the Italian instrumentation market in the scenario represented by the increasingly pushed process of methanisation for the civilian and industrial sector. FIMIGAS finds its spot on specializing in the construction of instruments for industrial measuring of methane gas. This choice is a winning one, sustained with continuous technological improvements, within the rigid delimitations of reference and quality standard in constant evolution.

FIMIGAS becomes a leader in the natural gas measuring field, operating: from project to construction, from installation to the assistance for its own devices up to the specific service performance.

In these last decades, the evolution of measuring devices has been marked by important passages: in the 90’s, the addition of Legal Metrology and following metric approval from the Ministerial Decree of measuring systems, therefore the necessity to adopt a certified Qualified System (ISO 9001); in the early 2000’s the natural gas sector in Italy, suffered a profound liberalization process and at the same time UE legislation took the transposition of a series of Directives (PED, ATEX, MID etc.).

In 2019 the activity has been taken over by TERMICS and transferred in Cremona.

The union of these two realities, highly specialized in the industrial measuring field, permitted to complete and strengthening the service given to customers.

In this context TERMICS Division FIMIGAS is bound to operate with the most innovative and performing solutions, and propose itself to operators and users of natural gases as a reliable and capable partner, capable to understand their needs: the taken commitment to offer a quality partnership is performed day by day.

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