Devices for industrial measuring of methane gas

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Measuring is our work, Quality is a daily duty to improve our products.

Taken over in 2019 by TERMICS in Cremona, the 50 years long FIMIGAS brand is a consolidated leader in the construction of devices for the industrial measure of methane gas, offering to its customers assistance on technical, construction and specific service performance.

The union of these two, highly specialized, realities, in the field of industrial measuring, gives to TERMICS – Division FIMIGAS the ability to operate with the most innovative and performing solutions, and to offer a quality service to all operators and users of natural gas, to whom is proposed as a reliable, competent and capable partner.

FIMIGAS’ commitment is not limited to supply complex measuring systems for instruments or devices, but also on following customers on installation and start up on site, with certified MID for metrological verification with support of certified and qualified technicians, and is able to intervene in any situation to assure the constant and precise functioning of supplied instruments.

Our policy of quality is certified since 1994, when we’ve obtained the recognition of Quality System certified as per ISO 9001

Experience, research and innovation

Electronic conversion device for gas volumes Type 1, ideal for usage in a fiscal environment. With MID, ATEX certifications it is prepared for the new UNI/TS 11629 (POT) legislation.

Electronic conversion and processing device of Type 2 gas volumes, though for fiscal applications. With MID certification, it is already prepared for the new UNI/TS 11629 (POT) legislation.


Diaphragm holder

Venturimetric trunk



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