TERMICS is pleased to announce that the gas volume converter Type 1 ICARUS, ideal for a hazardous ATEX area, complying to norm UNI EN 12405-1-2010 and to MID requisites as per attachment MI002, has obtained the approval for POT protocol in compliance with norm UNI 11629.

With this announcement, TERMICS demonstrates the constant commitment to undertake a long path of innovation and to the pave the way on the entire line of products dedicated to the measurement of natural gas under the FIMIGAS® brand, that will see the introduction of an entire line of state of the art correctors with POT protocol communication.

We also anticipate that in the coming months we will present the new VESCOM NG-2 volume system converter Type 2 with single and double channel with POT protocol.

Our experience is available to our customers to create cutting-edge solutions such as remote control systems, consumption accounting and measurement systems.