Art of Measuring

The liberalization of the natural gas market and technological innovations have led to new needs and specific solutions for the extreme sectors interested in gas measurement. In the entry level there are the Customers identified by the Authority Deliberation ARG 155/08 regarding “hourly measurement”. In this case, gas measurement must be made by suitable type-approved Correctors which, through teletransmission modules, send hourly consumptions to a central SW which manages them. In this sphere, Fimigas proposes itself as point of reference to the Distribution Societies to satisfy all needs concerning “hourly measurement”, from the sole apparatus supply to data acquisition service.

At the other extreme there is a higher level, identified by measurement at the redelivery points of the Transfer Network and the Distribution Network, according to the Authority Deliberation ARG 184/09. Today it is possible to know the gas calorific value in the redelivery point in real time, through the installation of a gas cromatograph, to obtain the true heat value of the travelled gas. Fimigas, always at the forefront in the natural gas measurement field, can supply the highest quality standards of measurement instruments, represented by its flow computers linked to the gas cromatograph and the primary device, orifice fitting or turbine or ultrasonic type-approved meter.

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