FIMIGAS: a choice and a commitment that continue

FIMIGAS has been founded in 1966 as measurement instruments manufacturer for liquid and gasiform fluids. Honestly its founders had been operating in the measurement equipment field since the end of the 40’: the firm “ing. Biondi & Terenghi” for the “manufacture of apparatus for thermic control” has been founded on the 1° October 1947. In the first years of the 50’ “Biondi & Terenghi” implements the first gas meter for those industries which use the new gasiform fuel in the North of Italy. This activity, more and more specialized, continues in the following years trough company conversions up to the establishment of FIMIGAS.

In the middle of the 60’ FIMIGAS must face the need of the Italian instrumentation market in the scenery represented by the deeper and deeper process of conversion to methane, regarding the civil sector and the industrial sector. Here FIMIGAS finds its calling and the following specialization in manufacturing industrial measurement instruments for natural gas. This choice showed itself winner, supported by a continuous technological innovation put in to the strict context of the continuous moving reference rules and qualitative standards.

Since 50 years of his beginning FIMIGAS can consider itself a leader in the gas natural measurement market, working from designing to manufacturing, installation and maintenance of its products. In the last years the evolving way of measurement strumentation has been marked by important and obliged changes: from the whole insertion into the Legal Metrology, with the metric passage of all the measurement instruments, to the activity management with a UNI-EN 9001:2008 certified Quality System and to the acknowledgement of all european pertinent rules: PED, ATEX, MID, etc. FIMIGAS works in this contest and researches innovative solutions, which just a true passion allows to reach. To all the gas natural operators and users FIMIGAS proposes itself as a reliable partner, able to understand their needs: the commitment to offer a continuous qualitative partnership day by day.

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